Picture of Samatha

I found Samantha when I was visiting some friends in southern Indiana (StacEy and Robyn). We were leaving a restaurant named Sam's, and there she was, just a couple of months old, starving, looking so cute. I knew immediately I was taking her home with me.

Robyn took her home that evening and fed her. I picked her up the next day and took her with me back to Milwaukee, where I was living at the time. At the time we weren't sure what her sex was, but fortunately, Sam could go both ways.

Here we see Samantha is one of her favorite sleeping places, on top of a monitor.
Regular monitor pic

As you can see, she loves to drape herself over the monitor making it difficult to see what you're doing. Sometimes I just want to take some trimmers and give her a buzz cut....
Needing a trim

She really likes this particular monitor because it actually has enough flat surface area for her to lay. The newer monitor, though larger screen size, has smaller surface top area for her to lay.
She barely fits!

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